A few days in Veaux and a night in Marseilles

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Marseilles, I could not resist.

I managed to take a few days off to visit my friend, Byron Suber.He rented a house in Veaux and then I spent one night in Marseilles. It’s crazy, I know, but I never take holidays. I travel so much anyway that it is a pleasure for me to stay home. I am practically the only one in my neighborhood in August.Byron is an old friend of mine from New York in the 80’s, now he is a lecturer at Cornell University. When he was in Paris for a workshop he asked me what I was doing in the beginning of August. I thought about my deadlines for ZOO and the film that I need to edit for my own festival, but then I thought….sure, why not take a few days away from my computer. You might enjoy the review in the New York Times of a piece Byron did called Blueberry Hill.. He also perfomred years ago with performance artists in a group called the French Twist and when he left the group he was replaced by none other than Antony from Antony and the Johnsons.

I took three days while the rest of Paris takes 3 weeks and enjoyed wonderful home cooked meals and a bit of the countryside.


I don’t know what got in to me on this trip but I was always craving ice cream. On the train ride back to Paris I realized how close we had been to Arles and I kick myself for not insisting that we take a mini day trip to the festival. This is as close as I got. I love the work of Pierre Gonnard.

This was our favorite view in Veaux.

Byron Suber and John David Rhodes. John David wrote the book Pasolini, Stupendous Miserable City. if you are a fan of Grey Gardens. John David wrote “Concentrated Ground”: Grey Gardens and the Cinema of the Domestic.

Marseilles by night

Thank you Byron for my mini holiday. Back to ZOO 20 deadlines and after ….the edit of my film on Mr. Pearl.



Diane Pernet

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