Outside Bruno Pieters and how we did not get in to the Rick Owens show

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Bruno Pieters

My first show, and actually my only show today was Bruno Pieters, I did not take any images because I knew Sonny Vandevelde was there back stage. Outside I ran into some friends.

Tiffany Godoy and Angelo Flaccavento

It was actually Tiffany that gave me my first writing assignment for Composite Magazine many years ago.

After the show we all piled into the Fashion Bus to take us over to the Rick Owens show. I was looking forward to that but while I was on route, Philippe Pourhashemi called me to tell me that they had closed the doors. Now that is something that has never happened. I mean normally you do not start a show until the fashion buses arrive from the previous show. New York Times, Marie Luisa, Vogue were all left standing out side even the PR, Mesh came out to get someone in and was not allowed to walk back in himself. What could have happened, theory has it that friends and family occupied the seats that were assigned to the press. Who knows. Must have been a hell of a lot of family and friends or some pretty poor planning on the part of the PR.

Susie Bubble of Style Bubble and Imran Amed of The Business of Fashion

Imran Amed of The Business of Fashion blog and I decided to go to Cafe Flore for a pause. We ran into some friends from New York, Waris, actor and maker of incredibly beautiful jewelry and Gordie Hull, artist and filmmaker and Gordie had the most amazingly unsettling story to tell.

Waris and Gordie Hull

We also discovered something very weird at Cafe Flore.


I looked at my phone and it was 18h30 which meant I missed the Lutz show and The Saddest Music in the World which was the last event of A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival. Very strange day, mercury is in retrograde.



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