APlace Opening Party in Stockholm tonight

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The regeneration of PUB and the new fashion concious generation of Stockholm celebrated tonight as PUB’s new look was unveiled. The once conservative grand magazin was reborn.
Paris has Andre, Antwerp has FFI and MoMu, Vienna has Unit-F and Stockholm has Tomas & Kristian Rajnai . The two brothers are the force behind +46 which is a platform for young designers and the name given to their trade show. Tonight they opened their first multi brand concept shop, APLACE located in PUB.

Yoo-Ri Ha / Tomas Rajnai Elenor Nystedt (Weekdays) / Kristian Rajnai

A documentary is in the making on the brothers, Tomas and Kristian. Helena H

Diane Pernet

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