Marketa Uhlirova and her fashion in film festival , Ben Gorham of By Redo, Stockholm and JC/DC celebrates fete de la musique at his Gallierock exhibit with MTV

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Ben Gorham, By Redo, from Stockholm, CHristine and Marketa Uhlirova from Fashion in Film Festival from London

Marketa Uhlirova was in Paris for a few days working on her next edition of fashion in film festival. We met at the Palais du TOkyo. My friend Ben Gorham was in town from Stockholm for the day to have meetings for By Redo, his candle and perfume company. Even before those two meetings I met with 3 graduating students from Paris’ best school, IFM, to answer one question. Palais du Tokyo proved the perfect setting for my series of rendez-vous.

After that Ben and I went across the street to celebrate the fete du music with JC/DC at his Gallierock exhibit. We were both too tired to stay very long.








Diane Pernet

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