Maison Martin Margiela – Artisanal Collection

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Imagine walking into a dark room with mirror like walls when suddenly a window of light opens and framed in darkness the model appears. It was like a fashion red light district one window darkens and another appears. I’m glad Patrick suggested someone hold my bag so that we did not all stumble over it in the darkness. I was only able to take a few images in the dark the rest are in the showroom outside.

Travel Jacket: 53 hours to construct/5330 Euros The jacket is cut from a zipped nylon travel garment bag.

What I loved was the breakdown: “The hours of work necessary for the creation in question includes: the preparation, the finishing and the quality control but exclude the researc of raw material, technical control, necessary treatment (cleaning, softening, dying, etc.) and the fittings. Travel Jacket – February.

These pieces are exclusively available at seven of the Maison Martin Margiela shops around the world. Each month one new theme is introduced for each women and men.

March – Braided Garments – lengths cut from old silk scarves and plaited by hand to create a dress and a top. A favorite of mine.
Dress: 75 hours/7475 euros Top: 31 hours/2730 euros

April – Oil painting dress and vest. Three hand painted oil canvases, of varying subjects and eah removed from its stretcher, are combined to create a sleeveless dress.
Dress: 35 hours /3744 Euros

May – Shawl dress A shawl is helld in place by strings of costume jewellery beads to create a backless dress. Dress: 15 hours /2080 euros

July – Slashed top made out of 4 men’s rock t-shirts, slashed vertically and assembled to create a top for women. Top: 12 hours/1235 euros and my favorite the June – Bathrobe made out of vintage unused bath towels of varying weaves and motifs. The towels are overdyed in dark colours to create a patchwork of textures, stripes and embroidered emblems. Robe: 27 hrs/3120 Euros.



Diane Pernet

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