Blah Blah Blah on Spring and Elizabeth Street and Beniamino Marini visits the Blue, a condominium by Bernard Tschumi, the architect behind the park of La Villette in Paris

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Beniamino Marini is in NYC for the holidays. He’s going to bring us an illustrated post of the lower east side renaissance very soon. In the meantime he sent me a few images.

Spring and Elizabeth Street, where else but NYC would you see this on the front of a building?

Beniamino and Mom

Beniamino not looking bored with Max

Beniamino in the hard hat, has been watching the construction of the Blue condominium for a while now from his boyfriends’ Spring Street apartment across the street and decided to do a little investigating today. His mother is looking out the window worried about the safety of the construction workers hanging in the air outside the building.



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