Paris Fashion Week – friends


United Arrows Mr. Kurino at Christophe Lemaire
Bless my blond angel
Bless My BLOND ANGEL for the car…it improves the week of fashion greatly…

Vincent and his tools
WHile I'm running around for fashion week my friend Vincent Gagliostro is preparing for his show on April 4th at Gallery Nec

Mei Hui
My friend Mei Hui is in town buying for a store in Shanghai and one in Taiwan

My sweet driver Michel

Philippe Pour
Happy Birthday Philippe Pourhashemi at Dries

Sara Maino and Angelo
Sara Maino and Angelo Flaccavento

Xmichel and rick
Michel Lamy and Rick Owens outside of Gareth Pugh's show. How relaxed does he look the day before his show?

Carson McColl
Carson McColl outside of Gareth's show

Philippe and Ludovic at rue du Mail
Philippe Pourhashemi. Ludovic Engrand at rue du Mail

Nana and brooke
Aganovich's Nana and Brooke Taylor at Rue du IHT today Suzie gave them her review

Catherine and Betony
Catherine Baba and Betony Vernon at MUGLER

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