Rick Owens Gareth Pugh and Michelle Lamy

Dear Shaded Viewers,


I was wandering on the street trying to find the House of RIck Owens when I ran into Rick himself. I asked him if i could take a picture of him for my blog and he asked me if I wanted the two of us. I’m so fashioned out that I was puzzled as I only saw him standing there. He took this photo of us and I went off to enter his amazing House. It was abuzz with buyers at every table and models showing off the collection. I was greeted by the beautiful Michelle Lamy with her wonderful gold teeth and armloads of gold and bangles. I took this photo of Michelle and Gareth Pugh on their patio. Michelle has taken Gareth under her wing and is going to support his company with production and a structure.
It’s so different to see a collection in a showroom as opposed to getting caught up in the drama of a show. I had Gareth model his work for me. THis leather jacket was amazing, you can wear it flat as it is here or blown up as it was presented in the show.

I especially liked this jacket made with human hair. Gareth says some people are horrified but why, no one died for this coat they just sold their hair.

This coat made completely out of bin liners is Gareth’s favourite.

I saw Sonny for lunch at my favourite veg resto, Guenmai and downloaded some of the images from the shows. You will get to see more later.
After RIck Owens showroom I ran off to meet Adrien and Diva from Pleasure Principal, more images of their collection coming soon. Before leaving Romeo’s showroom I took a look at the knitwear collection, Calliope by Elaine Neocleous which I liked very much. Would be better shown on a model but …
The night ended with a Korean dinner with the team from Romeo’s showroom and the designer Kiminori Morishita and his team. Kiminori is in Paris checking out the location for his frist Paris show during the men’s wear. He is with Totem.

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Diane Pernet

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