A Romanticized Cocoon at Caroline Hú FW24


Personal distance as a crucial mechanism for self-protection, cultivating a sense of inner peace and resilience. Caroline Hú continues her exploration of navigating through life’s challenges with greater ease and grace. 

A romanticized collection – escapism at the core – indulging the wearers in a fantasy momentum. Static silhouettes adorned textured dresses sublimated with smocked tulle, vintage crocheted lace, and hand-crocheted plastic lanyard laces. The designer blurred the lines between dreams and reality, nurturing our senses with overlay techniques – an extra layer of opulence and drama.

Caroline Hú transposed her flamboyant floral paintings into prints, creating a vivid color palette for Pantone enthusiasts. A mad crush for the flower-patterned voluminous cocoon coat, the perfect companion for the endless Parisian winters. 

This season, the designer unveiled a unique collaboration with Adidas Originals, introducing a collection of high-fantasy sneakers. We’re in the Comfy zone. Caroline Hú pimped the iconic Samba into a reverie – infusing her signature style throughout ruffles and smocking in pink, black, and blue colorways set.

Into the realm of enchanting aesthetics, The FW24 collection converged our perspective of daydreaming into ready-to-wear. Celestial garments brought to life – a playful interplay within the duality of proximity and distance. 

Melissa Alibo

Raised between Paris and the rest of the world, Melissa likes to define herself as a contemporary nomad. Less routine, more life is her motto. Curiosity has always driven her desire to explore new environments, cultures, and ways of life.