The Six Themed Curations and their Curators – ASVOFF 13 deadline for themed curations September 30th

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Conscious Fashion curated by Bandana Tewari

Conscious Fashion: Sustainability Activism with Bandana Tewari in conversation with Florian MüllerJournalist and sustainability activist, Bandana Tewari discusses the socio-political role of fashion with consultant, PR, and sustainability activist Florian Müller. The conversation articulates around how Gandhi and his search for sartorial integrity changed the way Bandana Tewari saw the clothes.

What does change look like? And where can we expect change to inspire us? While education on sustainability may have yet to yield tangible and long lasting results, the importance of visual narratives cannot be underestimated when it comes to uniting publics around the values that need to eclipse the waste and excess and exploitation of leadership solely concerned with profitability. People’s engagement and motivation to understand and protect the world around them has made industries like fashion, for instance, come under extreme scrutiny, and this program explores the “green wave” of filmmaking that is playing a role in shifting how we perceive these industries.

Digital Fashion curated by The Fabricant

Together with ASVOFF Founder Diane Pernet, The Fabricant is curating ASVOFF festival’s first ever Digital Fashion Film category.

ASVOFF (A Shaded View On Fashion Film) is an international travelling showcase holding competitions for short films within the fashion, style and beauty genres. ASVOFF recognises the significance of the digital fashion transformation and it is an honour for The Fabricant to work alongside them and pioneers of this sector to design and curate this new category.

You can enter your digital and 3D fashion film creations to the panel with the potential to win awards for your cinematography, editing, styling and a number of other categories.

Submit your fashion film to the festival via FilmFreeway below:

AR Fashion curated by Dress X  – Daria Shapovalova DressX, founder, CEO, Natalia Modenova DressX, founder, COO

In collaboration with ASVOFF founder Diane Perret, DRESSX is honored to be curating the AR film category for the 2021 Fashion Film Festival.
The DRESSX APP, available on iOS, is the 1st ever AR Fashion app and is already the go-to solution to create inspiring fashion videos in augmented reality.
DRESSX’s jury, composed of DRESSX’s founders along with Virtual artists, Digital Fashion designers, Fashion content creators, and Influencers, will be reviewing the AR Fashion film submissions and selecting 3 winners, based on their creativity and originality with AR fashion in their films.
DRESSX wishes to provide a solution for all creators to implement AR Fashion in their short films easily, therefore, we are offering this exclusive code to unlock all the AR creative capabilities within the DRESSX app: ASVOFFAR

Black Spectrum with Melissa Alibo in conversation with Imani Dennison and Tayo Rapoport

The representation of Black people in cinema is often perceived as ambivalent, altered, and shaped by common prejudices. How does it translate into the construction of the Black identity? For ASVOFF 13, Melissa Alibo, PR and marketing consultant curated a program unveiling the narrative of Black artists from different backgrounds, cultures, and horizons. The core idea of this project is to sublimate the common thread, feelings, and cognitive mechanisms that unite or perhaps get distorted within the narrative. Their creative vision, interpretation of ordinary moments of life, raw beauty, and idealism mark the transition into a world where authenticity prevails.



Adolescence: A Glance At China through Fashion & Art

curated by Johnny Wang

The period we call adolescence is brief. The culture in China is derived from a long history and even though China came late to the industry, it wasted no time catching up with the rest of the world in the fields of fashion and art.


For ASVOFF13, the curation includes directors, photographers, fashion designers and influencers in the media industry. Through their eyes the silhouettes of the ecology of fashion and art in contemporary China are revealed.




Fashion Moves curated by Alexandra Murray-Leslie

An exploration with filmmakers, artists, and scientists on how fashion moves societal challenges. What are the possibilities of where critical fashionable bodies can take us, new imaginaries, better worlds? Within Fashion Moves there are 3 curated sections: 1- films that reconsider production, consumption, and waste in our current complex moment. Speculative representations of better worlds for the fashion industry to imagine and work towards. 2- films that present a lively moving fashion body that encounters a world of many worlds from microbial entanglements to more than human spirit animals to biohacking. 3. DIY Feminist & non-binary self-expressive fashion films mad through spontaneous socially mediated ways of pop music, styling, and choreography such as Tiktok, etc.




Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.