Meeting with my old friends and a visit to the Modern Museum and to Palais du Tokyo

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Friends from NYC that no longer live in NYC, Byron Suber and Paola Piglia were in town this week. I met Paola last night for dinner in fact she is probably the only holder of the Pernet archives. She was one of my favorite clients. We had not seen each other since I was in London. She is absolutely beautiful but she never likes me to take her photo, here is one that is so abstract you can hardly see her. She does not like this one either but there is something about it that reminds me of her work.Paola_in_movementPaolalust

I met Byron today at Palais du Tokyo. At one point a group of Japanese girls came over to me and very shyly asked if they could take a picture with me. Friends always tell me that I should charge 5 euros everytime someone asks me that. I could probably buy those Balanciaga boots if I did, of course I did not.

Diane Pernet

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