David Szeto and you might want to contact CarpeDIEM about their stock sale

Fri 02/12/2005 13:51 DianePERNET(746)
Fri 02/12/2005 13:51 DianePERNET(746)

I am working on an article on the Stella Fashion Awards with Rebecca Voight for ZOO and today I went to interview David Szeto in his new atelier. Life is good for David, his business has quadrupled over the past two years and so has the size of his atelier. We had a lot of catching up to do since I did not have much of a chance to speak with him over the weekend  in Lucern.

When I left his space I ran into Clara from CarpeDIEM and she asked me if I would like to visit their space. I had been thinking of doing just that ever since someone at l’Ecalaireur had explained to me the way Maurizio works. He has a factory in Perugia and an industrial space in Paris both locations have  a big projection screen where the customer can communicate directly with the factory and the designer. That way they can each see the other and discuss the making of their CarpeDIEM made to order piece. Maurizio, the designer refuses to give interviews and seems to be even more discret than Martin Margiela, if that is possible. At any rate, if you live in Paris and are into a dark adventure CarpeDiem is having a stock sale for men and women, at their wonderful secretive space – 18 rue de Sambre et Meuse,  Paris xeme. tel:  33 142380309  cash only you can speak with Clara Ortiz Klara.ortiz@gmail.com. Contact Klara for more details.

Later, Diane

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