Sibling, fall 2017 – text by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Others may give it their best shot, still, it shouldn’t need saying that if crochet were to become essential in 2017, no one would benefit as much as Sibling, and with good reason. Their new collection, styled by Judy Blame for a combined mens and women show, could seem almost coy by Sid and Cozette’s standard – flirtatious, rather than sexy, a dotted harness in lieu of suspenders notwithstanding. But upon sensible shoes – in collaboration with Freakloset – tomato or navy zebra stripes still come either glazed in sequins or with a high-gloss finish, and coquettish details abound. Large ribbons tie the girls’ braids, and knits are foamy with ruffles that run freely down hems and seams. Knitted pie-crust collars echo Princess Diana’s best-known 1981 style, one even sports a £1 pin (but don’t set your hopes too high now, that’s likely not the price tag). Other pins are warped Union Jack flags and sit on pretty British Newsboy Caps, also adorned with rows of buttons. But the motherland inspires them only up to a point, for Sibling have gone to find in Spain their seasonal colours for jacquards and prints: Barcelona’s Park Güell, and Gaudi’s iconic trencadis mosaics, feature throughout with graphics taken directly from the tiles. A meeting of cultures and some old-school romance, just this once, boost Sibling’s pink-tinged winter season.