Tonja Zeller (1,2,3 prize) for a line of bags designed by Lovey Marino

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Somehow a few of my mobile shots of the winners never got posted to the site. Missing were TOnja Zeller and Neeon.    I had picked her out the first few days in Hyeres as being the one most likely to win first prize.

She did not but they gave an announcement with the 1,2,3 prize that Tonja’s award was with the support of the whole jury. Like I told you earlier it seems that the jury was in full agreement with all of the awards. Maybe one member was not. German designers had an impact this year even though their seemed to be more French designers represented in the selection and not one Belgium which is very weird.

I had a really nice talk with the guy in charge of the 1,2,3 award, in fact I spoke with all of the designers that have received that award over the past two years and they all found the experience to be an excellent one. Their choice of David Gil and Tonja Zeller is an interesting one and I am looking forward to see what the two of them will come up with.

David Gil (1,2,3 and the prize from the public)  and Romain Kremer (prize for creativity given by the jury), had equal amounts of people that really loved them or absolutely hated them. In fact that is not quite true as they were both winners so obviously the ones that appreciated their work  outnumbered the others. It was funny I was sitting next to the editor for MIXT and she just hated David Gil to such an extent that she said if she would see him on the street and had had a few drinks she would go over and slap his face. Now, I suppose a strong reaction one way or another is better than no reaction at all. Take care, Diane

Ex-model and producer Lovey Marino has designed a line of bags and a few other leather items like a black sexy trench coat and a jacket. She divides her time between NYC, L.A. and Mexico. If you would like to see more of her work please visit her site:

Dirtysweetbags the rough and ready collection made by Lovey Marino.

Diane Pernet

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