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@commons&sense just arrived Viva Glam Rock and issue 16 Paradise

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HENRI LANGLOIS at THE CINEMATHEQUE text by G. Bianca Demaria photos Stéphane Dabrowski – La Cinémathèque française © DR. | ASVOF

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Thank you David Herman this is the first time that a plant has ever lived so long with me, ever...xxxx

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Kyoto, part 3. Photos & text by Nancy Stout

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Spring had come to Kyoto. Nothing exuberant, just a few plum and cherry blossoms here and there, mixed in with fresh bamboo. The Zen garden par excellence is at Ryo an-ji, long and rectangular, raked gravel and rock. These dry gardens are meant to be contemplated, not walked in, as if looking at a Chinese scroll.

The oldest of the Zen gardens are covered in moss. I went first to the Daitoku-ji Temple, located in the Western Hills, and there found Ryo gen-in’s moss garden, constructed around 1500. It had been a cold winter, and the moss was red.

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Enjoy Jim and The Doors classic BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHERSIDE live performance from 1967. Hey Γιάννης, hope your using it well and do as the man says. Good luck in Deutschland.

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