Discover the Magic of Gardenia Shevardnadze in Tbilisi

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Last week, I visited Tbilisi for Culture Week, and one of the highlights was the magical Gardenia Shevardnadze. This rejuvenating oasis lifts your spirits the moment you step in. Villa Gardenia, with its Little Café, flower shop, and German-style garden filled with diverse plants and colorful flowers, is a haven for gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike.

Created by Zura Shevardnadze, Georgia’s most famous gardener, Gardenia Shevardnadze showcases his lifelong passion for gardening. Originally from Guria, Zura planted his first persimmon tree at age five and later studied gardening in Germany. His dream was to create a garden for everyone to enjoy, and he realized this dream with Gardenia Shevardnadze, a near-hectare paradise boasting one of Georgia’s most diverse plant collections, including iris, gardenias, succulents, and rare varieties.

Open from March 1 to December 31, the garden is best visited between late spring and late autumn when it’s in full bloom. While the garden is quiet in winter, it bursts into life in spring. Half of the area features greenhouses, nurseries, workshops, cafes, guest houses, and terraces, perfect for special events. Many plants are grown on Gardenia’s natural substrate and are known for their health benefits. Villa Gardenia offers six uniquely decorated rooms with cozy antique furniture, ideal for photo shoots and filming. Breakfast is served in the garden café.

Visitors can enjoy the café, buy souvenirs and plants, take beautiful photos, and consult with professional gardeners. Family-friendly activities include gardening lessons for kids, where they can dig in the garden, mix soil, decorate clay pots, and plant flowers. Tbilisi residents often come here for photo ops and wedding photography, making Gardenia Shevardnadze a perfect escape from urban life without leaving the city.

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Address: Nikoloz Khudadovi Street 138, Tbilisi, Georgia

Garden contact info: +995 595 054 791
Garden hours: open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am-10 pm. Plants can be purchased until 6 pm.

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