Balenciaga Unveils Cutting-Edge Chapter in Balenciaga Music, Collaborating with Archive for a Unique Sonic Experience by Leticia Dare


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Balenciaga Unveils Cutting-Edge Chapter in Balenciaga Music, Collaborating with Archive for a Unique Sonic Experience


Renowned fashion house Balenciaga has taken its Balenciaga Music initiative to new heights with an immersive 360° experience and innovative access points, further solidifying its commitment to the intersection of fashion and music.

Artistic director Demna, passionate about the profound role music plays in both his life and Balenciaga’s cultural identity, expressed, “Balenciaga Music was created to share my favorite musical artists and their personal tastes and influences. We have now expanded this project to give a more personal and complete music experience with exclusive content and interactive technology.”

Embarking on this exciting venture, Balenciaga Music has enlisted the collaboration of Archive, a distinguished English musical group with a 28-year history spanning electronic, trip-hop, post- and progressive rock genres. The result is an 8.5-minute exclusive track titled ‘Patterns’ and a curated 7-hour playlist, specially crafted for Balenciaga.

In a groundbreaking move, Archive’s exclusive track ‘Patterns’ is only accessible via an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, crafted in a limited edition and embedded in tags seamlessly integrated into Balenciaga Music | Archive merchandise. Upon purchasing the unique merch, wearers can scan the chip with a smartphone, unlocking an original listening event.

The interactive garments, including T-shirts and hoodies adorned with Archive’s full discography in either white with red lettering or black with white lettering, will be available in selected Balenciaga stores worldwide and on

Archive’s collaboration with Balenciaga represents a first for both entities—the English group has never before partnered with a fashion brand, and Balenciaga has ventured into premiering music through its products.

In addition to the exclusive track ‘Patterns,’ Archive has curated a 7-hour playlist designed for shuffle play. This playlist populates a newly established Balenciaga Music hub on, seamlessly linking to various streaming services, ensuring access from virtually anywhere in the world.

Darius Keeler, a founding member of Archive, reflects on the collaboration, stating, “Balenciaga has always stood for individuality and innovation, qualities that we’ve always tried to keep at the heart of Archive’s creative process, too. So, when the opportunity came along to collaborate on this exciting project, it seemed like a perfect fit. I think the track that we’ve created is something very special.”

This groundbreaking project marks an expansion of Balenciaga Music’s scope, introducing entirely new music crafted with Balenciaga’s audience in mind. The technically advanced merch series not only enhances the overall experience but also provides a novel way for music enthusiasts to access this unique collaboration.




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.