ArtEZ’s Collectie Arnhem 2022: TOOK IT ANYWAY – Text by OG

On look 17, by student O.C.L:

Bored Olivia’s desire to chase a post-modernist homelessness was born from kissing (sometimes even licking) the glass from her bedroom’s window endlessly.

After months of spending the day in bed, opening the tap from the old broken washbasin to hear the water running, Olivia finally unlocked the door in order to escape. (It still remains unclear from what: her front door was, for a long period, left a few centimeters open with its keys hanging from the lock even during sleep time.) She brilliantly decided to risk it all by going downstairs and seeking major public attention, her main addiction.


 ‘LOOK 17 by O.C.L: furniture fabric bomber jacket with tiny chequered print and starched tank top insert, inversed flare turtleneck, starched poplin double-puffed sleeve blouse, double layer starched poplin skirt with external raw cotton pockets, large laser cut CA22 buttons, metal tag, Jiman x CA22 morphed ballet shoes’

– CA22

 In the end, shoplifting was nothing more than a call for the visualization of Olivia’s own aura, now traced at look Number 17, where you can really see a major interpretation of her being. No wig was needed for Olivia’s success in turning the world upside down with that surveillance feeling of at least once, becoming her own monument in a wider, urban situation.

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COLLECTIE ARNHEM@collectiearnhem

Photos © Azalja Van Dijk & Kika Perben

Video © Courtesy of Pr