Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

I visited Valentina Ilardi AW23 showroom and had a chance to talk with Valentina. As she talked about the new collection, I could see the passion and confidence in her eyes.

The AW23 collection takes inspiration from one of the protagonists of La Belle Époque and the avant-garde painter Juana Romani, who portrayed strong and powerful women. This has inspired Valentina in her creations.

When it comes to the wearers of VI, Valentina imagines a woman who feels free to pursue her passions against all odds. A woman who is so confident in her tastes that she overcomes the idea of seasonality and combines her wardrobe in infinite possibilities, from day to evening, through interchangeable and overlapping layers. From street-style sensations to sinuous and tailored volumes, these are the thousand faces of the same multifaceted personality, changing, decisive, and yet always true to herself.

By entrusting precious fabrics, just as Juana Romani loved to collect and often used as inspiration, Valentina Ilardi showcases the power of femininity.


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