AITOR THROUP STUDIO unveils their new comprehensive website as a celebration of their 10 year anniversary

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just had a preview of the new Aitor Throup website and it is great fun and a deep look into the world of Aitor Throup and his studio. I remember Tim Blanks, a long time supporter of Throup's work waiting for years for Throup to develop a full collection as Throup is a designer that could spend years creating the perfect shoulder, or perfecting objects like the articulated skull back pack. I'm happy to say that I was in London when Throup showed his first collection. In a decade where we see so much fashion pollution, a focus on communication and not enough real thought provoking creation, it is with great pleasure that we can celebrate Throup's 10th anniversary along with him. 

The redesigned official Aitor Throup website gives the first comprehensive look into Throup's extensive career over the past decade. Throup is known for pushing boundaries in design and the fashion industry. You will find an entire archive of work through custom details and a refined navigational system, designed entirely by A.T. Studio. You will find drawings, initial sketches to the design process and project execution, collaborative, editorial and photographic work. You will see the bespoke 360 degree rotating gallery in a highly curated fullscreen mode. Well, enough of me talking about the new site:




Diane Pernet

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