Christophe Billet’s 30th birthday dinner at THAI and more pictures of Hussein Chalayan’s collection

Thu 06/10/2005 23:07 DianePERNET(313)
Thu 06/10/2005 23:07 DianePERNET(313)

I  started the day with an interview with Hussein Chalayan which was pretty amazing considering that it was the day of his show. He asked me if I was coming to his show and I told him that his press had not given me an invite. He asked if I would accept to stand and preceeded to give me a pass partout…makes you wonder sometimes if the press is truly serving the desires of  their designers or if they take all the decisions by themselves… none the less I was greeted by a big smile from PR Michel at Karla Otto and am happy to be able to show you a few pictures from the show:


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