Shredded, ripped and bleached with a twist of techno grunge at Diesel MFW SS 23 by Leticia Dare


Dear Shaded Viewers,


Sexual seduction for the streets. Shredded, ripped, torn, bleached, transparent, embellished and labeled with a twist of techno grunge. Glen has found his groove and is no longer holding back at Diesel MFW SS 23. A continuation from last season, the results are more detailed and processes have been taken to the next creative step. With each look requiring a double take to break down each garment due to the amount of technical work within the fabric on each piece.  A further exploration into techniques of how to treat, sew and evolve denim, silks and leather were seen and it was a feast for the eyes. Leathers were distressed, textured and raw, a favourite was the belt skirt in yellow and green croc effect. Suiting was also a new introduction with a long black coat and suit pants lightly frayed at the ends. Army elements were also pushed with camo prints, oversized cargo pants and heavy belting. A bigger venue (including the Gen Z public), a bigger set (inflated human bodies intertwined), a stronger techno beat (building to climax) and a celebrity crowd to back it. From Skepta and Normani to Evan Mock, the music and Hollywood set were there to support and no doubt lead the way in bringing the runway to the streets and what a brilliant job they will do. Logo mania was also at the forefront of the collection with the final look a Diesel flag sewn and ripped into a full length skirt.  






Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.