Esther BANCEL a French designer that is determined to make a difference


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Esther BANCEL is both a woman,  a creator and an entrepreneur. Her designs and her business practices are a reflection of how she sees the world and the part that she wishes to play within it. For one thing she is committed to responsible fashion and dealing directly with the issue of overconsumption. Esther Bancel is from Lyon. Out of SupdeMod, she learned her trade and knowledge of the fashion environment which she has loved since childhood.

After three years of studying fashion design and pattern construction she moved to Paris to join the upcycling brand Lord SM Paris. In 2015 she set up a collaborative association with her partner, Morgan Bancel: the Fashion French Union. Today, this association is France’s largest collaboration in the fashion sector with more than 8,000 industry professionals. The two share everything and combine their skills, Morgan brings his background in Political Science and business school and Esther her creativity. They launched their first collection in 2018 online and developed wholesale in 2021. The brand is a French tailoring maison inspired by early 20th century men’s suits and by curiosity cabinets. Handmade creations are manufactured in collaboration with a “sartorial master” in a workshop in Picardy. The brand contrasts poetry with darkness. For the sake of eco-responsibility, the brand wants to create products that don’t meet stock requirements and seasonality. That means that every three months Esther Bancel launches a new line of creations with new fits. All creations are made to order and then sent to the brand’s workshops in France, with deliveries within three weeks therefore no landfill with Esther Bancel. The brand is now available in France, Spain, Belgium, the UK, German and in the United States.

Esther decided to start a new company in 2022 offering a 3D modelling service, the Esthebancel-lab.

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