Kyotographie 2022 – ONE – 10e Anniversaire, April 9 to May 8th Kyoto, Japan

Dear Shaded Viewers,

KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival celebrates its 10th edition with over 10 exhibitions. One thing that makes KYOTOGRAPHIE different from other photography fairs is that each photographer is given their own location in iconic Kyoto venues  with original scenography. The festival is held annually over a four week period. This edition’s theme is “ONE”.

“One is everything and everything is One”

This saying is rooted in Japan’s Buddhist teachings and expresses the idea that each speck of dust (the individual) represents the universe (the whole), and the universe is a magnificent organic combination of the individual and the whole. Every speck is relevant and meaningful in this whole; connected and existing as “One”.

In 2022, KYOTOGRAPHIE wants to celebrate each person’s unique existence and our collective diversity.

ONE is an opportunity to share our 10th year as the inspiration for reconnection, renewal, and revival.

Main Programs include: Guy Bourdin (France) “The Absurd and The Sublime.”, Irving Penn (U.S.) “Irving Penn: Works 1939–2007. Masterpieces from the MEP Collection” Presented by DIOR- From the collection of MEP, Paris(Maison européenne de la Photographie) in collaboration with The Irving Penn Foundation Curated by Simon Baker Kyoto City Museum of Art Annex, Isabel Muñoz(Spain)× Min Tanaka(Japan) × Gembey Yamaguchi(Japan)Curated by François Cheval, Kondaya Genbei Kurogura, Okuzashiki, Maïmouna Guerresi(Italy), Maïmouna Guerresi Sebaätou Rijal 2 BHC,2020, Inkjet Art Professional, Paolo Woods & Arnaud Robert among others including a series of Japanese Women Photographers:

Yukari Chikura(Japan) Noriko Hayashi(Japan) Mayumi Hosokura(Japan) Ariko Inaoka(Japan) Ai Iwane(Japan)Momo Okabe(Japan) Harumi Shimizu(Japan) Mayumi Suzuki(Japan) Hideka Tonomura(Japan) Tamaki Yoshida(Japan)

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2022 International Photography Festival 2022

Dates: 2022. 4. 9. Sat. – 5. 8. Sun. Press Preview: 2022. 4. 8. Fri.

Organizer: KYOTOGRAPHIE Co-organizer: Kyoto City(TBD)

Diane Pernet

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