Martin Margiela’s first solo show is at Lafayette Anticipations October 20-January 2

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I’ve been waiting about 3 years for this exhibition to take place,  ever since I met the curator of the first solo show by Martin Margiela, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, in Riga. Then came COVID19…and everything was post-poned. Margiela revealed himself as the artist that we all knew he always was. If you watched the documentary you know that his mother had a hair salon that fascinated him as a young boy and clearly as an adult man. The series of Hair Portraits took place from 2015-2019. The first thing you encounter walking into the exhibition is the stacks of magazines treated like art objects with covers of famous women whose faces have been covered with hair which hides their identity. A Dust Cover, 2021 reminds us of his time at Hermes, we don’t know what is under it. Red Head pays tribute to red hair. Only Margiela could make dust look interesting in the Film Dust series taken from film leaders from the 1960’s shot on Super 8 cameras when dust, by accident,  gets on the film.

The exhibition is about time, I got a kick out of theTriptych reproducing the stages of time on hair.  Another installation I loved was the Bus Shelter with a layer of faux fur and installed inside a clear case.

The 40 sculptures, collages, paintings, installations and films are all for sale and prices start at 10,000 euros for small items and go as high as 120,000 euros for larger pieces. The plan is for the exhibition to travel internationally starting in China. FIAC art fair opens tomorrow and Margiela is included in the Zeno X Gallery stand.

Free entry-no booking needed

Monday through Sunday 11am – 7 pm

closed Tuesday



Diane Pernet

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