Wardrobe 14 The Mind Vaccine/RVDK The world’s first sustainable couture label.

RVDK Ronald van der Kemp Wardrobe #14

“Same as for wardrobe 12 and 13, we have not purchased any materials this season and we created 30 couture looks with what was left in our atelier: leftover materials from couture discards, fabric scraps from previous seasons, vintage fabrics, factory waste and other trouvailles.”
THE MIND VACCINE The most potent ethical designer drug for behavioural change
Get ready for your next shot. Altering your mindset. Changing bad habits. Get ready for responsible hedonism. Quit fashion’s more, more, more addiction. Get ready for abundant couture, made from what’s deemed unusable.
Get ready for diversity to become bio-diversity. To listen when nature calls.
To let greed turn into empathy. To listen to the next generation. Get ready to dress yourself like you’re going to meet your worst enemy, your ex and the love of your life.
The world’s first sustainable couture label.

Since 2014 we are on a mission to reinvent the notion of a couture house for the future creating couture out of unwanted materials because we believe that what’s deemed useless today can create beautiful tomorrows, we capture those discarded fragments and turn them into an ever evolving wardrobe fueling a mindful movement for the sake of beauty for the sake of our planet


Diane Pernet

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