Project Frentzos 4 feauturing Michael Bevilacqua, text Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear
shaded viewers,

Angelos Frentzos, by recycling symbols, gives the crossover of contemporary beauty   new directions with the
Project-Frentzos 4. The designer interprets clothes inspired by contemporary artists. 

The first collaboration is with Michael Bevilacqua, New York
based artist: his opera can be defined with a few key words : laughs, punk, pop,
citation, symbols, crossover,which defines the  fruit of  Bevilacqua
production from his beginning to today. His aesthetic language met with
  the fashion language of Angelos both with the underground music inspiration and in the  visual narrative : the result is this capsule.



At Antonioli presentation, photo by me

Me and Angelos
me and Angelos

Project 1


later Stefania