“Le Printemps de Etudiants” to benefit CO’P1 SOLIDARITÉS ÉTUDIANTES organised at Tajan with the support of RUINART

Ruinart partnered with Malagasy artist Joël Andrianomearisoa (remember his breathtaking Pavillon de Madagascar at the 2019 Venice Biennale) to offer a lot at the solidarity sale “Le Printemps de Etudiants” to benefit CO’P1 SOLIDARITÉS ÉTUDIANTES organised at Tajan https://auction.tajan.com/fr/auction-catalog/IT14 with the complicity of Charlotte Rampling and Laurence Benaïm.

Joël has created a unique and poetic work inspired by Ruinart, which is complemented by an invitation to a VIP visit with tasting and a meal for two in the presence of the artist at Ruinart in Reims.

You can help by bidding before 3pm tomorrow for LOT 116. https://auction.tajan.com/fr/auction-catalog/IT14

Tajan – Detail of lot 116

On the initiative of Laurence Benaïm and Romain Monteaux-Sarmiento, a new auction is organised by TAJAN from 4 to 11 May 2021, to support the association CO’P1 – Solidarités Étudiantes, which helps students. The winner of the Berlin Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019, Charlotte Rampling has agreed to be the patron of this event.”You don’t need to be admired, you need to be considered and not to be dropped, not to be forgotten. Never be discouraged. To feel an inner strength that can trigger impulses. Do no seek to be comfortable, but find, in the imbalance comfort zones that allow you to move forward, because it is the most beautiful adventure there is. Perhaps that is what youth is all about, even if it may or may not take a lifetime to achieve. It is the journey that counts, and perhaps that is grace. Staying awake, not getting stale. Seeing the brightest light the brightest light, listen to the sharpest sounds, accept to be destabilised to feel that inner strength, the one that gives you the feeling of being alive. Go towards what touches you, what speaks to you personally. Beauty is a breath, a light. It enlightens, it reveals. I knew I had the belief. I knew that all these things
existed. But learning, not to recite a text, but to hear what it expresses, to open your senses as much as possible, that doesn’t come easily. It takes years, and it is the opposite of comfort that puts you to sleep. Because you will always find an excuse not to confront the possibility of doing something with your life. Grace is about being open. Giving of your time. Giving of yourself. And that’s what these students are doing for other students by rolling up their sleeves. This auction is all about culture, It is culture that, if not able to change the world, can make it the world, it can make it a kinder place. Each of these lots sends out a message, a word, a gesture, an intention. I hope that people can deepen their desire to be in the happiness of beauty. Every day is a fight, a rendezvous with chance, the possibility of joy. Never give up!”

Charlotte Rampling

What do a writing workshop proposed by Hervé Le Tellier, Prix Goncourt 2021 with L’Anomalie (Gallimard), a private tour of Gabrielle Chanel’s flat by Caroline de Maigret, and a Boston Celtics ball signed by Kevin Garnett? Between the pair of Air Jordans worn by Omar Sy in the series Lupin, a tailor-made masterclass by Marie s’infilttre, and a private pastry class by Yann Couvreur with Antoine de Caunes? Between the manuscript of Les Heures Hindoues calligraphied by Étienne Daho, and that of Palais d’Argile by Arthur Teboul (Feu! Chatterton)? Between a jewel from JAR, the world’s most secret jeweller, and a Charlotte armchair by India Mahdavi? Between an “energy course by Rachel Khan and a one-on-one lunch with Jérôme Commandeur? Between a Saint signed by Anthony Vaccarello and a night in Rome’s Palazzo  Fendi in Rome? Between a watercolour by Vincent Darré on the theme of the imaginary ball, a make-up lesson by Peter Philips (Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-up) and three magnums of Château d’Yquem 2005? Nothing and everything at the same time. The breath of creation, the desire to share values linked to wonder, to everything that makes sense in our lives. One year after the start of the pandemic. One year to dream of another world, under the sun of hope. This is the ambition of this “Student Spring Students”.

At 50 rue des Tournelles, the Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes de Bastille. Every Friday evening, from 6.30 to 8.30 pm, and every Saturday, from 12.30 to 3.30 pm, students queue up to receive donations of food and hygiene products from the association Co’p1-Solidarités Étudiantes, created at the start of the 2020 academic year.

Until then, they didn’t dare. The shame. The silence. The “double punishment’, as they say. Isolation and pandemic. The end of the odd job. And then, the start-up. At the initiative of Ulysse
Guttmann-Faure, a law and political science student at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University, six friends decided to take care of their by organising the distribution of food parcels. It all started with
pasta, rice and then fruit. “Because the question is not just that they eat, but that they eat well.” Now the association has 350 volunteers. To the perishable goods, hygiene products, then a psychological consultation service… Inside the building, there is an energy of fire and heart. We’re busy setting up. There are Solange’s Pâtisseries Solidaires, the still-warm pizzas offered by a
restaurant owner. The bags are filled. Hope is returning. But the wait is there, again and again, with 75 food parcels of eight to ten kilos given out each week, a figure that continues to rise.

This is why, almost a year after the success of the sale organised in aid of SOS EHPAD, we decided to repeat the operation. By imagining a new extraordinary garden made up of 143 lots:
made-to-measure experiences, unique pieces, intangible lots, treasures signed by artists, designers and luxury houses. Our ambition is to support, through Co’p1, the future of our future.
That of a France that believes in the energy of tomorrow. In everything that embodied by this sacrificed generation of students, whose values we support, whose faith in studies, whose necessary hope for a new beginning. And it is with the strong team formed during the first auction – David Batty, Barbara Loison, Karine Porret Maud Rabin, Laurence Simon, Christophe Renard-,
that we have chosen to honour this spring, by giving it back light and hope. A team reinforced by Maxime Hennique, a student at Sciences Po, and by all those, from Sylvie Arcelin to Emmanuelle Chanlat, who agreed to give their time and time and energy to make this new project a reality.

In 2020, the SOS EHPAD sale received extensive media coverage, and we would like to thank Lucien Pagès for renewing its support for this charitable operation, which we would like to give it a new dimension, enhanced by a photographic campaign signed by Nicolas Guiraud, under the artistic direction of Christophe Renard, urban poster projects, “Le Printemps des Etudiants” t-shirts,
partnerships and a strong presence on social networkswithin the office, the talented Jonathan Ros is in charge of press relations.

A huge thank you to Nicolas Ouchenir who once again wrote the announcements in blue ink of these shared dreams, as well as to Sylvie Barsaccio, who was in charge of press relations.
Sylvie Barsacq (VIVA Talents); Alexis Barichella; Jacques
Brunel; Sophie de Closets and Isabelle Saporta (Fayard); Nicolas
Delpis; Luc Deperrois; Valérie Duport (Kering); Muriel Beyer
(Éditions de L’Observatoire); Bénédicte Epinay (Comité Colbert),
Nathalie Noennec; Pascale Richard (Gallimard); Jean-Charles
Trehan (LVMH); Laure Verchère, to all the communication directors of the participating houses, and to the entire Pagès team.
With the support of Picto and Initial Labo
Laurence Benaïm, journalist, writer.
Romain Monteaux-Sarmiento, Director of Communications and Marketing
and marketing at Tajan.

This sale will take place exclusively online. Given the charitable nature of this salethere will be no sales fees collected in addition to the bids. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Co’p1 – Solidarités Étudiantes. 16 April 2021: Digital catalogue goes online 4-11 May: Registration and online auction on www.tajan.com From 12 May: Delivery of the prizes and planning of the workshops and intangible prizes On Instagram, to discover every day the prizes, the talents, the stories…@leprintempsdesetudiants @laurencebenaim @cop1.solidaritesetudiantes @tajan
Press: Lucien Pagès contact@lucienpages.com
Tajan: communication@tajan.com
Co’p1: Ulysse Guttmann-Faure, presidence@cop1.fr, cop1.fr

Diane Pernet

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