A chat with Cori Coppola, film Producer and one of my 9 jury members for ASVOFF 12

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On one of my rare outings to a terrace, I met with Cori Coppola this morning. We talked about how much she loved the  art of ORLAN, and how she went with her mother-in-law to see ORLAN’s robot exhibition and her mother-in-law wanted the children to use the iPad’s and Cori did not agree. She wanted them to participate. I asked her about her childhood in Los Angeles and what film she remembered as a child that had the biggest impact on her, imagine watching The Tin Drum at about 8 years old. How she did a lot of work with Douglas Trumbull, the film director, special effects supervisor and inventor, how she ended up standing in for Jaye Davidson in Stargate.  She talks about how she got started as a film producer. One of the projects she is working on his the second feature film of my friend Vincent Gagliostro.



Diane Pernet

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