Digital Fashion Online Summit – a message from 360 Fashion Network

Fashion giants like Louis Vuittion and Nike have pivoted towards digital design, and with more than 2,200 brick and mortar stores expected to close in 2021, what’s your excuse?

Today the fashion industry is faced with a huge problem. Nobody can travel anymore. In the past fashion designers were illustrators, sketching designs out on paper they would then hand to a pattern maker or a technical flat layperson. This person would turn the illustrations into a technical flat lay document to send to the Factory. The designer would then fly to China to create the muslin fabric and have multiple fittings with the model back and forth. Factories would also have to FedEx samples, causing a huge carbon footprint. Now, because nobody can travel, the pattern makers and CGI artists who have high mathematical skills are becoming the new fashion designers. This is because the fashion houses are changing their workflow to 3D design. The fashion designers with 2D illustrator skills have lost their jobs, additionally, the cancellation of fashion weeks has given rise to the need to present their collections in a different way, many  fashion designers are out of work because  they don’t have the skills, brands end up suffering for it.  

Fashion Week has been proclaimed dead by some and new forms of showcasing the designer’s collection are opening the door to virtual fashion. Many fashion designers and brands are struggling to embrace all these new technologies and ways of designing, showcasing and moving to a more on-demand manufacturing world.  3D design has become the single most important skill that is needed right now in the fashion industry and not enough students been taught in their fashion school how to work in that way or to work with the programs. This means they can’t evolve to take advantage of AR and VR 3D fashion shows or digital fashion week’s pre-vetting of designs with 3D models. The new customers which are millennials and gen z are leaving them behind and embracing the designers that have been able to work with gaming and digital, and cryptocurrency, effectively speaking their language. does not want you to be left behind in the old, but are able to embrace the new, with the Digital Fashion Online Summit. Held from the 28th-29th of March, the summit will feature details on groundbreaking technology disrupting the world of fashion, immersive workshops, and networking opportunities with leading technologists, innovators, and disruptors. This event is aimed at equipping creatives with the specific steps to get up and running with the technologies needed to transform their business and propel their careers. Digital Fashion Online Summit gives an interactive encounter beyond the realm of the simple conference call .  The future of fashion lies at the helm of 3D design and Digital Fashion Online Summit speakers, through their large network, will give you the practical skills and an abounding network you will need to succeed in  the online and offline future.

The Coronavirus has completely changed the operations of multiple industries. In more ways than one, the fashion industry came to a screeching halt. Fashion shows were cancelled, manufacturing interrupted, travel even completely banned. This created a scenario where a lot of garment production can no longer happen as traditionally done

 It’s a tumultuous time to exist as a creative yet as this continues, the ever so resilient fashion industry has begun to engage in discussions and projects, on apps such as clubhouse that will change the course of the industry forever. To continue to thrive in the best way possible, the industry is beginning to do what many thought it wouldn’t: Fashion is embracing technology. 

With all these new plans being made, action has to  be taken. It is a known fact that time waits for no one so it would be smart of you to get on the right side of history. But how? Technology has had a notorious reputation for being extremely difficult and only for a particular kind of person. What if we tell you that not only do we believe ANYONE can access the tools and expertise needed to get ahead, and not left behind, in the fashion revolution, but also that we can show you precisely HOW!

The Digital Fashion Online Summit is a game-changing event seeking to help brands and creatives position themselves for this next phase in the fashion industry. This two day seminar will feature interactive workshops and illustrious networking events to educate around creating digital and virtual designs, introduce new processes and trends in the market such as sustainability and adaptive clothing through technology as well as connect you with tech companies and new services. 

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Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.