Thom Browne introduces his childrenswear and it is GREAT

six desks under bright lights … everything in its place … another day begins … typewriter, book, apple … check, check, check … and the keys go tap, tap, tap … introducing thom browne childrenswear. discover now, on

creative direction: thom browne

director: cass bird

Thom Browne children’s clothing features signature styles and the same quality as all of Thom Browne’s collections, from sewing to knitting to shoes.

The essentials that define Thom Browne continue to be the foundation of the children’s clothing collection. The adult wardrobe uniforms, now in miniature, include the gray wool twill suit, the Chesterfield overcoat with velvet collar, the classic four-bar cardigan and the classic white Oxford shirt.

In addition, there are a multitude of pieces, including the “Friday Uniform” like the navy blue twill sport coat with gold buttons and the grosgrain striped university striped cuff shirt with round collar. Additional pieces also include classic sweats with four-bar looped jersey, as well as a ripstop vest and four-bar down jacket.

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Diane Pernet

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