Dear Shaded Viewers & Diane,

The Amsterdam’s AMFI 2020 apprentice Oilily Verbeek freshly graduated along with majestic stampedes, where traditional couture silhouettes were subject to fully intimidating interrogation.

How her research on ornamentation became flourishing techniques on demolition within the immense world of interiors will always be her precious secret. Contained within every puffy sleeve fabric is a hidden, untold story. Moving, isn’t it?

Prior to there being any symbolic narrative of how her dreams or work came into existence, the natural perfection in the science of physics must have been influential to Verbeek’s decisions. The gutted talent required putting all her ingredients (silks, pigments, oil as the binder, dry bulk goods, etc.) together in a massive construction bag (FIBC) as though she were going to store them, until, driven by wild motion, she proceeds to smash them all against the wall. Remarkable results are thus created.

Falling down, just before hitting the floor our enchantress picked herself up, becoming frozen in time. She displays an important source of the fucked-up nature of Coutureism that has always intrigued her. 

Her capsule was presented at the cultural center Het Hem through a small exposition in a tiny room filled with the stuff of emotions. You could close your eyes and imagine the dolls in that small cube as your roommates, behaviors changing through space and time. Or perhaps you thought that an ancient departed soul was suffocating you with beauty, but, alas, no. It was Verbeek’s contemporary and veracious future, where craftsmanship and value are restored to care for you.

All within walking distance of your soul!

Watch her graduation video here!


Marcelo Horacio Maquieira Piriz.


OILILY VERBEEK@oililyverbeek

Video © LionBull Media

Photos © Alexander van Keulen



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