RICCARDA MONTENERO: Challenging The Way Of Telling Stories. Text by Ivo Barraza Castaneda.

Riccarda Montenero puts her heart in your hands with her latest photography exhibition “Rue de l’Esperance”, shown at the Parisian gallery “Mémoire de l’Avenir”.

I was actually very lucky to have been guided by Riccarda herself on her exhibition. I must emphasize on the lucky-me part, because I really believe that Riccarda and her charm and humbleness really add up a character to her show.

The exhibition is a curated selection of photographies from a project that the artist started back in 2013. The final images are a  mix of pictures taken by Riccarda, found images and 3D modeled objects. The montage of the images themselves is made from a 3D software, which creates a very unique and very contemporary texture to the surface of the photographies. The elements that compose each image come together in an absolutely harmonic way. As if the whole  complex of visuals serves one coherent universe.

One of the most interesting things to note on this photography exhibition is the narrative qualities of the images. The way photography and graphics are overlaid actually intends to tell a story.  Reminding of both holographic boards and of symbolistic painting.

I find myself very touched by Riccarda’s story telling qualities, a part from the “Rue de l’Esperance” exhibition, I think her work in 3D modeling and video is super exciting and again, full of gestures proper to contemporary creation. I’m sharing the link to her website bellow, so you can see the complex of her work.

The exhibition can be visited from September 12th 2020 until October 10th 2020 at Mémoire de l’Avenir gallery. at 45 Rue Ramponeau, 75020 Paris, France. The entry is free to all visitors.





Riccarda Montenero


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