What are your thoughts on physical events in September? “Reset, or restart, invariably put human values at the center” the message from Maison Valentino BRAVO to Pierpaolo Piccioli and Nick Knight SHOWstudio


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I am just curious to hear your thoughts about physical events in Paris and beyond for September/October? Personally, I’m not convinced.  Koche announced that she plans on holding an outside event PFW which could make sense as we all feel more comfortable outside rather than in an enclosed space but  what are your thoughts?  Yesterday I watched the amazing digital presentation of Valentino and  I felt totally satisfied with a non-physical event. For me that is the future, not going back to the way things were and having learned absolutely nothing from the fact that our planet is crying.  https://www.valentino.com/fr-fr/collections/femme/haute-couture-fall-winter

“Across history, moments of reset, or restart, invariably put human values at the center. Humanism is the seed of rebirth.

This is one of such moments. Focusing on fashion as the profoundly human activity of giving form to matter through the hands, shaping creations that the body inhabits and brings to life, Pierpaolo Piccioli conceives a new start in the space of fifteen silhouettes. He focuses on the human and lets it dialogue with the digital to create a new dream, at once material and immaterial. A dream of pure fashion in which the painstaking work of the Ateliers is handed over to artist Nick Knight to bloom and flourish in light.” #VALENTINOHAUTECOUTURE

If you have yet to watch the film please click the link , it is immersive, majestic and I think the direction for the future without going back to what worked in the past. Also think how out of touch it was watching Etro and Dolce in Milan last week. Big business wants to go back to how things were, I feel it is so out of touch,  just am curious to hear from you.



Diane Pernet

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