GmbH ‘Season Of Migration To The North’ A film by Lars Laumann With Eddie Esmail and music by Cecilia Lopez


Dear Shaded Viewers,

If you know anything about GmbH you know that it was founded on the principal of using fashion as a platform to start a conversation about race, beauty and the struggles of the marginalised communities. For Spring 2021 GmbH decided to present their collection as 3 projects showing how fashioncan be a progressive force.

I already showed you Part 1, Part #2: Instead of a fashion show, GmbH will present a work by artist Lars Laumann and activist and architect Eddie Esmail, shown as part of Paris Fashion WeekÊs official program. The music for the film ‘Season Of Migration to The North’ was composed by Cecilia Lopez. Part #3: Images of the GmbH SPRING 2021 collection .

CREDITS: ‘Season Of Migration To The North’ By Lars Laumann With Eddie Esmail

Music by Cecilia Lopez Courtesy of Maureen Paley, London

Part #1 of SPRING 2021 is already live here:

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