Prelude to the Film Franck Sorbier Haute Couture – “IL MEDICO DELLA PESTE” directed by Amaury Voslion.

This collection features one of the major characters of the Comedia dell’arte: Il Medico.

Indeed, at the time of the Black Plague, the city of Venice paid doctors to treat the sick, rich and poor. If this mask with its long beak can make one think of a bird, it is nothing more than a filter capable of protecting against the epidemic transmitted by the air. A wooden cane was used to auscultate the patients.

Science has its own aesthetics, mystery.

The Statue of Liberty appears bound, wrapped, gagged, a whole symbol …
As for the plague aka COVID 19, it is embodied by Ophelia Kolb and Il Medico, by Alexandre Risso, aka the medical corps, to whom we can only pay tribute.

A current and universal theme.

Each scene of the film interpreted by Jeade Pasquier, La Comedia, each silhouette will be associated with surprising and ingenious innovations.

A story written by Frank Sorbier.
A production directed by Amaury Voslion.
A shooting at the MUSÉE DES ARTS ET MÉTIERS. THE CNAM – Centre National des Arts et Métiers. It is a privilege to benefit from this cultural and pedagogical setting with its many inventions and architecture that has seen the centuries go by.

Diane Pernet

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