Safari jacket and short with leather taps and snaps.

The Yves Salomon women’s summer 2022 ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the New York woman living in the 70s and is aimed at those who want timeless and sophisticated total looks.

The material honored in this wardrobe is leather, double-sided, soft touch it is unlined which allows to feel the flexibility and lightness of the skin in summer. The brand which was initially reserved for fur, founded in 1920 by the Russian Gregory Salomon, began to diversify its skins and work leather in 1960 thanks to Boris Salomon, his son. In 1980, the grandson, Yves Salomon, launched the brand that bears his name and immediately became a leading brand of the time by its modernity and style. For this collection, Yves Salomon now working with his son Thomas, and perpetuating the creative line of the brand, composed silhouettes for the city girl of today, regardless of her age, and who will dress with Yves Salomon pieces throughout the day.


The leather pieces like the culotte skirt, the elastic waist pants in jogging or high waist versions, or the trench coat in Sweden, have leather finishes, the buttons are covered in the same leather or in signed horn and edge-dyed frank edges like on bags. They can be combined with knitwear, chubby or Milano, denser, and an innovation of the brand that has developed a new material more stretchy with a pleated look that highlights the body of the woman. These leathers can also be worn with pieces contrasting the skin, like a blouse in washed silk, a silk that has a softer touch and a more fluid appearance. Leather details can be found on cotton pieces, like the safari jacket (that you can see on the black and white image) with leather taps and snaps or this dress with a leather ladder day inlay.

                White dress with a leather ladder day inlay.

The neutral and classic colors oscillate between navy blue, beige, brown, classic but elegant colors enhanced by touches of yellow, green or fushia. There are of course white, cream and black, the colors that the brand is used to work and that each season are revived by less current colors. This allows you to dress for the day as well as for the evening and to accessorize your looks with touches of pep. And for an evening in the heart of New York, a dress can be worn belted, with a gold lamé jacket, sequins or sequins that would wake up the city, or a basic of the house the oversized perfecto. The piece of this collection that can be worn as much during the day as at night is surely the trench coat, there are several colors like beige or yellow, with different collars and materials adapted to different weather, for example the navy blue below, a technical waterproof fabric adapted to bad weather.

Silk yellow dress with leather belt

This clear and concise wardrobe, easy to wear, composed of whole silhouettes in leather, knitwear or cotton, allows you to have a plain and elegant look or on the contrary to mix and match materials and style them in your own way. Yves Salomon’s desire was to dress women all day long and for all occasions. He spends a lot of time trying on clothes to ensure that they fit properly. And the good to go it is often also, to put forward the femininity.