RAF SIMONS Archive Redux – a re-issue of 100 pieces from the archives of Raf Simons

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had a flash-back this morning of the powerful Raf Simons show at La Defense when I received the press release about the reissue of 100 pieces from the Raf Simons archives celebrating the 25th anniversary of the brand. I remember the first time I interviewed Raf in Antwerp and at that time could not show his face. I also had the pleasure of assisting at GWAND when Raf won the Swiss Textiles Award (video below)  that changed the direction of his career, next came the offers from the big brands landing him a position at Jil Sander.

The selection is focused on the different moments from the brand’s history curated by Raf Simons the garments reflect the shifts of time highlighting pieces that have relevance to the world today. Each piece will replicate the original and offer a new generation of Raf Simons followers a chance to experience the pieces that they were too young to experience the first time around. Deliveries will start December 2020. The Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2021 collection will be presented in fall 2020, delivered in Spring 2021.

Credits: Photographs by Willy Vanderperre, Styling Olivier Rizzo



A little history from 2003 when Raf Simons won the GWAND Swiss Textiles Award. This documents the first time that Raf Simons showed his face.

Diane Pernet

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