Phygitalism = The SDW ‘Fashion Therapy’ Uniform aka Schueller De Waal

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Schueller De Waal is a design duo that goes against the norm in as much as they choose not to launch seasonably rather they make their own timeframe. This season they launch their first capsule of SDW uniforms to save resources they decided to sample each shape of the uniform just once. One for each half of SDW in their personal favourite fabric. All other style options were sampled in 3D. Renders serving digital age and no physical waste.

Intrigued by the idea of combining physical tactility with a digital aesthetic the designers created a series of ‘fabric portraits’ which merge the physical fabrics with the digital garments.

This collection focuses on emptying their fabric archive through offering limited edition series of a workwear inspired uniform in two styles: a two-piece and an overall. They offer those shapes in 10 distinctive SDW leftover qualities.

SCHUELLER DE WAAL want their uniform to suit all and offer their generally oversized fit in a compact range of sizes. In terms of construction the uniforms are always treated the same way, no matter what fabric, and finished with white thread.

‘Mutilitarian’ Uniformis the nickname of the SCHUELLER DE WAAL pieces. It does not only embody the references of utilitarian details but also the possibility of the uniform to ‘mutate’. ‘Mutation in this specific case does not only stand for the adjustable ways of wearing the uniform but also for the possibility of the designers coming up with more versions of it in the future.

You can order phygital ‘Fashion Therapy Uniform’ from March 18th on SCHUELLER DE WAAL SHOP. HTTPS://SHOP.SCHUELLERDEWAAL.COM/

Diane Pernet

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