French Deal SS20 text by Runzhou Sun

Dear Shaded Viewers,

French Deal SS20 collection paid homage to Baoule people and traditional Baoule fabric loincloth. The venue was transformed into a tribe on the Ivory Coast with the decoration of straw stacks and henna coloured sand.

It seems like we were participating in some kind of a ritual. The designer Steeven Kodjia is a professional dancer and dance was the center piece of the show. In addition, the ancestral crafts of different fabrics told the story of the Baoule people and the dedication that they have for their queen, Abla Pokou.

The bodies were deified under the sunlight and everyone’s heart was dragged around by the music and the movement of dancer’s body. In terms of the garments, red and blue colour symbolise the contrast of fire and water and the worship of nature. The ultra-short men’s shorts and knee-high boots reveal the feminine beauty hidden in the male body. We were also able to see the crossover background of the designer through the tailored suits and jackets as well by the graffiti motif. The collection celebrates a carnival of diversity and African beauty.