LI-NING SS2020 Men’s and Women’s runway presentation text by Runzhou Sun


Dear shaded viewers,

Li Ning’s Spring Summer 2020 Men’s and Women’s collection paid tribute to table tennis (known as the Chinese national ball) and the spirit of Olympics.

The runway show was divided into two chapters. While the venue was still dark, the models carried flags weaving  through the show’s maze-like configuration as if we were at the opening ceremony of an Olympic Game. Their footwear flicked on and off, the first chapter demonstrated not only Li-Ning’s first ever collaboration with the Berlin-based label Random Identities, but also its connection with the youth generation in the global market.

The background music of a table tennis match brought us to the second chapter of the show. It was a combination of Li Ning’s Chinese DNA and international vision. The application of coloured stripes made us  travel to China in the 1990s. The elongated T-shirt usually worn by female fit perfectly on men’s body. The concept of unisex corresponds to the essence of sport : no boundary, no age and of course, no gender.

The whole show is also a movable feast of colour. Mint green, dark blue, moon yellow and Chinese red. The applied colours revealed the fashion history of sportswear in China. By deconstructing the shape of the clothes, the traditional Chinese sportswear become more spicy and high street and  easily merges to a contemporary wardrobe.

The headwear and colourful footwear, as well as the huge sports bags,  reminded us of Li Ning’s athletic spirit. We can notice that the motif “China Li Ning” and “Table Tennis Club” appear everywhere. We appreciate the confidence of the Chinese sport leader : We are made in China, and  we are proud of it.