Edie x BOLT will launch in September in Paris and London

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On one of the hottest days in Paris, I had a birthday tea, one day late, with Edie Ashley to talk about her upcoming collection that will be launched in Paris next September.  Edie is 22 and a recent graduate from Kingston in the UK. BOLT is a range of motorcycle clothing curated by BOLT. All brands stocked at BOLT are owned by motorcycle riders who are submersed in the motorcycle culture. On her final degree show a year ago June,  Ashley invited 10 people to her final degree show and only one person came, Andrew who runs BOLT in the UK. He saw it and liked it and asked for a meeting with her and then proposed she design his first wholesale collection. They sat down and started speaking about things they both liked and the vibe they were going for at the moment. They came up with almost too many things. The collection was designed in September. They have been developing it since then, slow fashion. No stress, just great energy. It happened very organically with a lot of excitement and happiness. All the fabrics have been gathered from factories around the UK, rolls of material no longer wanted by that factory and they then repurpose for the collection.   “This is just the beginning of something massive.” said Edie Ashley.



Diane Pernet

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