Alexander Wang by Conrad Byer photos NOWFASHION

The ever patriotic Alexander Wang paid tribute to American designers Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, the pioneers who, Wang feels, paved the way for him as an American designer at the Rockefeller Plaza. Being the first designer to show at this venue, Alexander Wang remains consistent with his desire to offer the public that which is new and fresh.

With a burst of power, Anok Yai opened the show sporting what very well may be the coat of the season. A rich wool coat with Alexander Wang’s rather new logo elegantly embossed along the border of the lapel certainly gives new life to outerwear. Similar leather, wool, and corduroy coats and blazers followed, paired with powerfully tailored skirts and shorts that speak to that CEO Wang woman. While the comfy silk slips and logo crops give young essence that the brand is well loved for.
Asymmetrical-cut skirts, western fringe, and rich velvets were staples in this collection. The atmosphere was set by a stellar playlist of today’s top artists including favorites such as Lizzo and Cardi B. Between Jayy Versace hosting, snacks provided by Sabrett and Nuts4Nuts, and celebrity guest model Pete Davidson making an appearance, this fashion show was one for New York fashion history. Overjoyed, Alexander brought his mother and father onto the runway, in honor of the huge contribution they’ve played in his existence as the great American designer that he has become.
Conrad Byer
Diane Pernet

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