Are you still thinking of where to go for the holidays and beyond? Machefert Hotels might have the answer for you.

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Are you in the process of planning your holiday get-away? Of course, you are not locked into specific holiday dates, a little escapade in your city or beyond is always welcome. The Machefert Hotel Collection was created by M. Machefert and Madame Derory and celebrates their 25th anniversary today with  22 hotels from Paris to Marrakesh. If you are  seeking a bit of sun you could investigate Kube in  Saint Tropez or Murano in Marrakesh. If you were at the ASVOFF 10 after party you already discovered the hotel 1K, the hotel that even has one room with a private swimming pool. Now, when did you last experience something like that?


If your plan is a visit to Paris: Villa Beaumarchais is a 4 star hotel that opened in Paris 20 years ago on a quiet street in le Marais. The location is walking distance from the Picasso Museum and  a number of interesting boutiques and restaurants. If you are thinking of where to stay in Paris during fashion week this is a great option as many of the shows and showrooms are located in this area.

KUBE in Paris is a 4 star hotel that is known for its Ice Bar among many other things. Here is a fly on the wall video from 7 years ago when Rossy de Palma was in town for ASVOFF 4 and stayed at the KUBE Hotel.The hotel is between Monmartre and Canal Saint-Martin and has an experiential vegetation creating a warm, natural atmosphere away from the urban reality of Paris. The hotel has been renovated since the time of the video.

A visit to Rossy de Palma’s room in the Kube Hotel (ASVOFF 4’s Hotel Sponsor)


If you are escaping the cold in search of the sun, Muranao Marrakesh looks quite inviting. Murano Marrakesh was opened in 2009 and the first outside of France.

In 2008 the KUBE Saint Tropez was the first of their hotels to open outside of Paris.

If you are looking for a place to do an event that is in the center of Paris…Le Squat is available for  private events , it is an ‘espace ephemere’ meaning June 19th it will no longer exist.Till then you will find it on the 7th floor of the Normandy Hotel with a view of Parisian rooftops. The atmosphere is a bit trippy and psychedelic. Le Squat is 208 m2 and in two parts: Black vs White. You can visit instagram and facebook to keep up with the events at Le Squat.@lesquat #lesquat or FB: @LeSquatDuNormandy

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