A visit to Rossy de Palma’s room in the Kube Hotel (ASVOFF 4’s Hotel Sponsor)

The terrace off of Rossy de Palma's room at the Kube Hotel

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday before the launch of ASVOFF 4 at Centre Pompidou, I went to visit Rossy de Palma in her hotel. KUBE hotel is this year's hotel sponsor and it seems that all the ASVOFF guests are more than happy there.

Of course I am not staying there but anyone that knows me knows the first thing on my list for a hotel is a nice big bathtub.

Along with the comfortable bed there is a nice little conversation corner and we were served delicious tea and cakes, really good brownies that are not 'evident' in Paris but perfect here.

Rossy de Palma and Pam Hogg

Pam Hogg in the Ice Bar

Getting the hotel tour

Zack Winokur, the amazing dancer with pianist Rosey Chan and of course La Pam Hogg

KUBE Hotel

1-5, passage Ruelle, 75018, Paris, France


La Societe MURANO


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