Claude Lalanne April 14 – May 27th at Galerie Mitterrand

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I know this is the third post on Claude Lalanne but …I am in love with the work. The Galerie Mitterrand hosts Claude Lalanne’s first solo exhibition which will be followed by a separate exhibition of Francois-Xavier Lalanne’s work from June 1st to July 28th. The reason for the two separate shows is to emphasize each artist’s individuality and to celebrate the relationship between Les Lalannes and Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand, a friendship that extends back to 30 years ago.

Claude Lalanne’s work is usually associated with that of her late husband, Francois-Xavier and she is one of the world-renowned female French artists alive today. Claude Lalanne’s pieces are mainly created by making molds, casting, and electroplating. This is a technique that shediscovered through the American artis James Metcalf in 1956. Natural forms are turned into sculptures, tables, benches or mirrors. She has a natural sensibility for the ornamental and baroque styles. “What matters is the shape and what it conveys to me.” said Claude Lalanne.

The work on view is from the 1960’s to present through a collection of 40.

Galerie Mitterrand

79 rue du Temple

75003 Paris

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