Rochers by Jose Levy at Hermes 17 rue Sevres until March 25

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I don’t know if you are aware of the Hermes project ‘petit H’ which was created to take all of the left overs from the materials that were not used in production and to recycle them by giving them to designers and artists to give a new value to what would have been waste. Jose Levy took on the project and created the three sculptures that are currently on view at the Hermes boutique 17 rue Sevres. The shop is housed in what used to be the swimming pool for the Hotel Lutetia. The rock like sculptures are the head, hindquarters and body of two spirited stallions that have been frozen in motion. The sculptures invite you to caress them but do not touch them unless you are ready to buy them and they are priced as sculpted furniture.  The 3 sculptures are cased in different types of black leather, glossy and suede finish and they are placed on what looks like a pool of black caviar.




Diane Pernet

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