BIIS jewelry

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

I’ve recently discovered this jewelry brand called BIIS –, designed and produced in Madrid, that you can find at Colette and Tom Greyhound in Paris or Kapok in Hong Kong… Still, its success is growing so fast you’ll probably find it very soon near you!

Behind BIIS are Ruben Gómez, a well known young fashion designer that I was already following some 10 years ago, and Sara Lasry, a jewel specialist. And their concept is so simple it hurts: transforming elemental objects into desirable precious pieces. Not the first time it’s done (remember Margiela’s jewelry?) but they’re doing it so in such a precise, clean, slick and clever way they’re just selling out like crazy.

We’ll have to wait until December for the new collection inspired in no more and no less than garbage. For now, enjoy the two main series they’ve developed for the SITE collection: stationery, paper clips and other everyday objects upgraded to silver, yellow gold, and rose gold and, on the other hand, basic and charming classics of jewelry transformed into high exclusive sometimes bi-toned -though an extremely difficult process- pieces.



Mario Canal.



Mario Canal

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