Madame Nakano and Madame Sugahara at the Ritz

Kyoto and DP

Madame Sugahara in Blumarine  and Madame Nakano in Moschino

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today Madame Sugahara and Madame Nakano invited Shoji Fujii and I to lunch at the Ritz with them. Apart from a minute the other day at Toraya, I had not seen them for two years and was delighted that they were back at their favorite Parisian hotel, the Ritz. After lunch we went to their suite because I wanted to see what they bought this trip. They love Hermes bags and Italian fashion. Blumarine and Moschino are on the top of their list.

Madame S Madame K
 Madame Sugahara and Madame Nakano in their suite.

SHoji fujii 

Shoji Fujii at the Ritz

They were able to buy Hermes bags without any waiting time, sign of the times. The new ones have two outside pockets. They each have about 30 of them.

I adore these two ladies from Kyoto and will see them again next year. Their yearly trip to Paris is about over. Shoji will be leaving soon for Kyoto maybe he will have news and see them there.





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