“Hereafter” a show by two Mexican artists Alinka Echeverria and Pia Elizondo photos and text by Runzhou SUN

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Nobody likes war. However,as we can not escape from this runaway world, war is one of the topics we will never be able to avoid.

Last Thursday,I went to the Mexican Cultural Institute in Paris to visit an exhibition with the theme of war and post-war. From the endless internal conflicts to the world’s 193rd nation, this exhibition not only records the transition of South Sudan, but also the chaos and helplessness of human beings facing the war.

The most frightening thing about war is not the hail of bullets and fire on the battlefield,nor the ruins and wreckage, but the fact that when war breaks out, as ordinary people we have no choice but to face it. We are only the victims of the game of thrones.

Have you ever thought, if one day war comes, how will  you meet it? With silence and tears?